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Hopefully, you know by now that the vast majority of people are average. Only a few are really bad performers, and we're not comparing us to this low.

We shouldn't compare ourselves with the FEW good ones either.

But we did leave our comfort zone, so we're not really average either.

                              We are travellers.

                We are global citizens. 




Hey, it's me and my girlfriends

It might be YOU as well. We're the women who fell in love with the world while travelling. Maybe you also moved some place far away from where you grew up. Or do you call home any place chosen for a few days or weeks? Have you made a career move or followed some foreign guy after watching the sunset together on an island?


We all left home and sometimes we look back.

We analyse, we talk to each other, and we inspire our next moves. 

We dedicate this space for our adventures, life lessons, for our 30s dramas, for our findings we can't fit in our bags.

Let's connect in this big world, and curate feelings together.





Baseball Girl



We are from nowhere, going to everywhere.

But we all have some roots, some socially wired backgrounds. 

In a way or another, these affect the way we work, the way we interact with others and the way we look at life. We became aware of differences and moved around to get various perspectives on work, dating and ended up also hoarding useful information.

We dedicate 3 pages to learning to navigate life and hope some will help you too.

But there's a warning: some things still... shock us too.


The truth is we like to work. 

We haven't figured out how to make a business in 5 steps.

We don't travel and make money at the same time.

We long for a #9to5 career or a #start-up life, or #freelance projects fuelled by purpose. 




Dating sucks. Some relationships make you feel trapped too.

We're struggling to figure out what we want and have our own 

commitment issues, while guys are #ghosting, overreacting or just acting strange.

Plenty of real stories here to realize you're not #alone.

There's nothing wrong with you. 


#hopeless generation

Every new place is a chance to become a whole different person. The fundamental luxury of solo travel is that you get to leave your self behind. This trick of disappearing might make you addicted, but it doesn't make your problems fade away.

When travelling turns into a full-time job, micro-decisions drain your energy.

What type of traveller are you?


DISCLAIMER:  what you read here is accumulated wisdom. 

We absorb novelty like a sponge; we care about everything that helps us understand more, we dig deeper and grow.

Most of our thoughts are highly influenced by lifelong readings challenged by real life too. We analyse tons of information and mirror it through cultural perspectives. 

Curation is something that will be more and more valued in this never-ending sea of (mis)information. We're happy to recommend you eye-opening content, to summarize good books in order to make you read them too, and share essentials that ease life, and we can't live without.

You can trust the fact that we take #noshortcuts, we read from cover to cover, not only Blinkist, we never stop on the 2nd page on Google, and we love counterarguments.  

Some of the concepts/people/entities that had more influence on us:
















chewing gum

Curated goodies