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Who am I and what made me do this?! 

Besides being an average millennial but not really, I would also describe myself as an optimistic realist who doesn’t like extremes. This translates average into a quality, so we’re keeping things consistent and circular. Because everything is related and nothing is by definition!

Let me explain. 

I skipped winters, became a seasonal remote worker, acted like a digital nomad, but with a corporate job. Right before turning 30 I quit and moved to Bali, not to take a sabbatical, nor to become a yoga teacher. It was for another job in marketing.

I pursued this creative yet strategical profession that also keeps me away from extremes. It gave me the opportunity to be a freelancer, have various projects, deal with a great amount of personalities and also be a Workslave in start-ups and companies.

Now I'm in Switzerland and planning to stay.

This makes me an expat, right?

I’m digging deep in mud, to understand more, like a flamingo does for the food that turns its feathers pink. I do it and hope to fix broken things, thinkings, and people while enjoying the ride.  

Hey, I'm Gloria and

I'm from nowhere, going to everywhere...


Screenshot 2020-11-12 at 22.36.36.png

When flying back from Bali I landed in Switzerland. It was June 2019, my first time here and it was like love, enough to plant the seed of me wanting to try to move here. Although everyone told me it takes time, I found a job and in September I moved to Lugano. Corona happened, killed the events industry, so I moved to #Zurich.

And I'm here to stay. 

magazine pages.png

The 30s freaked me out so much that I managed to turn a project around it, a 112 pages long print magazine for women, on all the questions I had, with interviews and therapists as writers. 




Screenshot 2020-11-12 at 22.35.59.png

Bali made me realize the tolls' uncertainty can take on mostly being motivated, or focus when everybody around you just comes and goes.

Human relationships are important and nomading makes it hard to keep the ones you have or build new ones.

Also, remote work is not an end-goal, to quote this amazing human I met on the island. ​

I told you I'm working in marketing, right? That usually means a lot of things, and what I enjoy most is about creating content, about marrying words with visuals, everything based on research and constantly edited and adapted through analytics. 

My first project was my high schools magazine. I learned to work in Corel Draw. Then because the online started being a thing, and I  had clients as a social media specialist I always needed graphics, from covers to ads, banners. Adobe became my best friend.

And from marketing collaterals to websites it was a natural step. Here are some of the websites I created, always trying to go for a structure that helps the brand communicate better, making efficient copy and selecting visuals that complement everything.

Of course, Las Nomadas is my biggest project so far, it has to represent me and appeal to you. 

I'm a content creator.

I'm a writer.

I do web design and

graphic design.

Everything based on strategy. 

Web design PORTFOLIO

website showcase byme clinic
chapter zero cover
PG cover
Livit Mockup
Las Nomadas mockps
pitech Mockup
Livit website showcase

Why Las Nomadas? 

Do people nowadays still read blogs? Or read at all…?
I love reading, and a bunch of friends do the same. Because some youngsters nowadays don’t have the patience to read, we can’t assume there aren’t people who find pleasure in it, right?

When was the last time you actually clicked on an article that took you to a blog where you started clicking around and reading everything that blog has to offer? Isn’t that a wonderful feeling?

I know for a curious person like myself, going down the rabbit hole of the internet is something that feeds me. 

Travelling made me and my girlfriends be even more curios, ask more questions and understand how powerful cultures are. It also made us realize its fluidity once you immerse into the differences. We kept pieces of everything we experienced, our souls are the ones of nomads, who've been to places and enjoy discovering the world and the people that make it so colorful. Hence the colors here.   

For the curious ones. 

For those of you who like to read.

Cliche quotes we find funny cause they're true, illustrated by A. 


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