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Lessons in Chemistry

Bonnie Garmus 2022

maybe you should talk to someone lori go

Set in 1960s California, introducing the unique and unforgettable Elizabeth Zott.

Soon the comedy about sexism and misogyny will be an Apple TV series.

The title put me off, until I actually started reading it. I kept thinking if another profession would've worked as good as the one of a chemist in the late 50s...but no, it had to be science and appeal to the rationale.

It's empowering for females and evolution in general because it challenges society, and we'll realise how much progress had to be made. 

And the drama behind, the actual tragedies of some of the people that make the stories come together and form the final big puzzle, is just beautiful. And that marvelous child!!

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It's her debut novel. Garmus also works as a copywriter and creative director. She grew up in California and lived in Seattle and Geneva before moving to London in 2017.

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