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The Authenticity Project

Clare Pooley 2020

maybe you should talk to someone lori go

You could fall a little for each and every character, and everyone can find a bit of those in themselves. At some point, I felt like the author just gave life to some particular issues/pathologies/traumas through these characters. And once again, their stories interfere, and solve each other in such a nice way. It's like a living diary, that somehow gets into the right hands.

A quite modern story with our kinda pre-covid 2020 modern issues, set in London, while travelling to Thailand was still easy.

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Clare wrote a book about her own life, The Sober Diaries, and 2 novels, The Authenticity Project and The People on Platform 5. 

“The truth often isn't pretty. It's not aspirational. It doesn't fit neatly into a little square on Instagram.”

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