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Ash Ambirge 2020

maybe you should talk to someone lori go

If you need someone to shake off the dust you've been adding up on your imposter syndrom, which makes you barely want to start anything, you found you're badass girl. I'm not into cliches and I thought I heard everything motivational and read all the crap that Pinterest and Instagram feeds all of us, but listening to her voice reading her own book made me laugh out loud while walking around and doing my grocery shopping while we were under lockdown. If I'd be somehow honest to myself, this whole website is now love because she somehow made me understand that no matter who I'm comparing myself with, and no matter if others do it better, it's still something I can try to do as good as I can, I just have to start. Thanks Ash! 

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Haven't heard about her either, but it's the kinda person you would like as a girlfriend, or maybe not, cause she doesn't really have many. And let's be honest, when could she even develop a writing empire if she'd have time for each of us fangirls? Jokes aside, she's been through life, and although I'm sure not many of us will be left with only a few dollars in our pockets and will be able to transform them in 2 thousands as easily as she did, we can learn from her drive and as I said, she can somehome chase away a bit of your impostor syndrom. Maybe more if you're also in the same kinda advertising/marketing/content area she's in, and I'm in too :) 

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