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A ONS is an espresso. Cappuccino tastes like relationship.

Are you a coffee lover?

Have you ever thought about your coffee drinking habits?

Do you drink it because you need it or you like the taste of it?

Is it a social tool?

You drink it fast, or you sip it for long?

I’m a big coffee lover and in my quest to adapt to a new culture around it, I went as far as comparing it to relationships.

One-night stands

The thrill, the energy, the hormones, everything is pumped. Even if you feel down, once you enter this game, you’re awakened.

Exactly like drinking a shot of espresso. You might like it, or you might hate it.

Might be bitter or might leave a lingering aftertaste.

It is brewed hot and fast under pressure. Am I talking about the coffee or about the sex? Both!

There are details that you might care about, or might get over easily, because it was a sip or two, anyway.

Might be too roasted, might have no foam at all, might be watery... you can translate these into any characteristics of your lover that you love or hate during the short amount of time spent together.

If it was good you'll remember it and will at least try to get it again, no matter if you call it an espresso or a booty call.

If it wasn't satisfying, and you're really an espresso lover it will be damn easy for you to ghost and move on.

Cappuccino please!

It has not one ingredient, but two, and it can be easily compared to ying and yang. Like any relationship it has to be created, and you can enjoy it sip by sip.

There's even art involved when it comes to the pouring of the milk, not only in choosing the right blend. You can enjoy it any time: after waking up, after a nice lunch, or when you feel sleepy or wanting something warm. It's your go-to excuse to meet up with people, to have long chats.

And of course it's never the same! You can have some bad experiences from too much milk, too much foam, too little taste and the list goes on. Exactly like our expectations and needs in a relationship, any kind, friendships too!

Are you in between?

Sometimes prefer an espresso, although most of the time you're a cappuccino lover? And there are times when none of them are what you need: you need the strength of the espresso and the milky, but not too foamy part of the cappuccino.

Flat Whites might not be so well known by their name, and we tend to have issues labelling these types of "relationships" too.

I find myself often explaining what it actually is, and how I want it, because, doing a flat white also differs from barista to barista, from country to country. A nice and long piece about its variations here.

For those of you who don't know what you're doing with your partner either, and it's complicated, it might be a flat white!

Short version: 2 shots of espresso and milk, but less foam.

It's like ONS on repeat, cause it feels right, and it also contains more than the sex part, so...

It kind of sounds like a functional relationship, a mature one, a strong one?

Doesn't mean that it is the only one, though. You can have and feel the need for more of these during your lifetime.

I'm contemplating to adding the Latte to the comparison list - which could be marriage, a bit of coffee well diluted with lots!

And there are so many ways people like their coffee, because we're also wired differently and change preferences in time. The Starbucks lovers of mostly sugary drinks, are the ones spicing up any kind of relationships, the ones that have special needs or just want things the way they want it, at the moment being.

Pumpkin Spice Latte with caramel syrup and Chai Syrup topped with whipped cream, pumpkin powder, and a drizzle of caramel, anyone?!


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