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Choice making during Corona

The more decisions we must make during a day, the faster we drain our resources.

Nowadays, with Covid-19, the lockdowns and the entire slowing down of the planet, we've been given a break from a lot of decision-making.

It is PJs all day long, no more:

What am I gonna wear today?

Walking or bus or maybe biking to work?

No more what bar are we gonna go to, no more where we gonna go for a vacation.

But does this translate to more resources?

Or are we actually spending it on will I work from bed or do I make the effort to sit in a chair?

We are definitely spending it on the constant feeling of boredom and FOMO on life?!

Now, during this pandemics, more than a year was taken away from us after all...

There are harder decisions draining our mental health, like

when can we meet our families and friends who are far away,

are we fighting for anything in a foreign country or

are we all going to have to quit the lives we tried so hard to build up?

What are some of the decisions you keep pushing away from your mind?

Give me the hard stuff.

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