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From freelancing to corporate jobs and unemployment during the pandemics

Our big step and a leap of faith in our new homes in the DACH?

There’s a theory that expats have a cultural shock and the adaptation can take two years, we are kind of experiencing a different scenario where the world threw upon us new challenges that came together with a global pandemic.

But we’re millennials.

We already had to deal with the economic crisis from 2008, when we were just starting our career, so instead of being able to try to study abroad or give it a try to move right out of college in a western country, we played it safe, chose to not exploit our mothers savings and acquire experience where we were.

Wasn’t a bad city for Eastern Europe, wasn’t so hit by the crisis, things were moving slowly but surely towards something bigger.

It’s been a year since we moved, since we both had high hopes and were eager to live the new changes. Little did we know that it won’t be a normal year, hence there’s something called the new normal nowadays.

A global pandemic hit us around February/March, depending on where you were.

How did this affect us?

Well, I lost my job, which turned out to be anyway something that I wanted to leave behind. She was still searching for a new job with zero German language skills.

Should I have stayed in Bali? Would that have been better, warmer, nicer? Maybe not so safe and not much nicer ...for sure.

Should she have stayed in Gibraltar, with a job she felt stuck in but at least got used to?

We asked ourselves many times and discussed it a lot in our almost daily videocalls…

We were lucky bitches in this situation also, both in countries that handled the shitshow at their best, having some more freedom than other, having most of the things that we enjoy.

She’s still in a relationship, I still gather failed trials…


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