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I ended up living with surfers in Tenerife. How?

I knew nothing about Tenerife, did not read anything.

I had a friend who has been living there for 2 years, talked a bit with him, he will rent me a room. Should be ok, right?

It was my first time trying the remote working deal, while I was rebranding the company, so had plenty of new materials to produce. It was December and January when there's not much happening in the office because people start getting into the holiday mood. I was getting over my almost 4 years long relationship.

I had two months to discover the island.

End of November came and I went to visit A for a few days, before flying on the island.

My friend from Tenerife wasn't answering my messages and I started to panic. When he finally did answer, he said he had to move and couldn't help me with the rent.


I had 2 more days in Gib and 3 days in Seville until I landed on the Island.

You have no idea how impossible it is to find decent rent on that island. Really. There are way too many people working there, wanting to rent a place in Los Cristianos or Las Americas and there are too many owners who know it's always a season and tourists are coming and the prices are damn high.

I remembered I saw some pictures a few weeks ago with some surfer boys and a good friend of mine. I made a flirty comment about hoping they will still be there when I arrive - they seemed all like cool island guys, maybe coming from South America. They were from my country and they have a surf school there.

Funny how small this world can be.

Asked if they knew rentals and found out the same thing, that it's not gonna be easy. But they might have a bed in one of their rented villas for the last week of surfing lessons and then they will stay for 2 more weeks, and we might rent something together.

Packed my bags again, for the 4th time in 10 days and took 2 buses to get to El Medano.

Found the Villa, waited for the guys, they took me to another villa and met R. We became besties in no time, we were the only girls in that group anyway. 5 people in one 3 bed bedroom villa, and another 10 in the other one. Nice group. I even knew one guy. Neah, I could not plan this.

This is how my real adventures started in Tenerife. I could write a story about each and every day. I saw the most amazing places on the island because they also had a guy that had to shoot the promo video for their school. There was scouting for locations almost every day. Plus, you know, surfers are looking for the best waves and there are apps that tell where to find them.

I met amazing people, with great stories, like the guy who leaves all year round on different beaches and organizes amazing trips to learn to surf and relax with Yoga - Tenerife, Ecuador, Peru and Bali, sounds pretty tempting, right?

Fun fact: R didn't go back home as planned, after 7 days, she stayed 2 more weeks until Christmas Eve.

Another guy did the same thing on the night before his flight, with all his bags packed, he just bought other tickets and we ended up being another group of 6 people renting the same villa until the Christmas Eve when I remained alone and had to move to the capital, Santa Cruz. At least that's how I planned it.

That changed too :)


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