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Maximisers vs satisficers

Why are we maximisers when it comes to relationships?

In any other area we tend to understand easier that being a satisficer is the secret to happiness.

When it comes to choices there are two types of people.

Those who can’t choose because they are too afraid of making mistakes, of not being satisfied with the choice made.

Once there is some sorta relationship we become more of satisficers because again we are afraid of making choices.

Or we become more of maximisers and unsatisfied with the actions of our partners.

How we evaluate everything in life is the sum of our emotions over time.

Why can’t we find the in-between and aim for it? I’m not about settling, but once we do feel stuff, see stuff, want stuff, why don’t we pay more attention to nurture it?

Understand it, explain it, communicate CARE.


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