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Stop recycling feelings!

Maturity involves accepting with good grace that we are all manipulated by the past. We bury our personal stories beneath an avalanche of expertise.

We judge everything based on our experiences from the past.

We filter through the same feelings and some situations scare the shit out of us because they act as triggers.

We think it's going to end up as badly as it did before because of ourselves.

The common actor is always yourself...

But you keep forgetting that you are not alone in the equation. You might dance the same dance, on the same song, but with a different dancer. Everyone is different.

You might have the same flaws, but the other person might see them as positives, you might make the same mistakes, but the other person might forgive them...

You act based on your past and if the other person does the same, we just keep projecting past skeletons, and we never enjoy the moment, we never build up new things...

We recycle feelings and remain in the past.

But, be careful.

The more exposed we are to opposing viewpoints, the more we seem to get upset that those other viewpoints exist. @markmanson

That's how disappointment makes its way into your life. You get a glimpse of how opposing reality looks from how you pictured it. Do you hang on to our own viewpoints, do we keep everything in our imagination?

Will you remain in the past or expose yourself in order to move one?...


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