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We are trying to ditch consumerism and embraced minimalism at some degree, because it's not easy to keep packing and carrying lots of material stuff when travelling around. 

But, there are always some must haves that save us no matter the situation, or some little things that just make us feel better. 

curated goodies

Matchy Accessories for Gadgets

Keyword: Matchy

You didn't know you need these until you see them. If you love your phone above everything you need to protect it, and what is better than a pretty case and a bag that acts like a portmonee, with a cardholder? You just need the magnet they provide, which doesn't stick, so you can remove it anytime, it just rests under the case. Telling you, you will love it. 

Chargers, airpod holders. Oh...And those laptop cases are to die for. 

Any belt bag fans over here? What about a matchy bottle?

Unicorn Sustainable Swimsuits

Keyword: Recycled

We fall for stories and Round Rivers tells it so nicely. Plus they actually care about how they produce it - out of the plastic bottles from the rivers of Zurich (there are a few that end there by accident...) Every step of their production takes place within 140km, unlike 30.000km – how far the average recycled fabric "Made in Europe" travels through an intransparent supply chain.

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Lipstick

Keyword: Superstay

You didn't know you really want a lipstick that stays all day long until you find it and realize how easy life can be. You can eat all your meals and still have all of your lipstick intact. You can kiss without turning into a clown and without making your lover look like one either. 

Yes, it's even matte and it doesn't dry your lips, you don't feel like biting it off and it looks perfect. 

If you eat greasy stuff...well, it might fade, so make sure to remove all of it and reapply it. If you kiss all night will also go away at some point.  

Make sure to not apply any lip balm, anything oily because it will interact and it will become like any other lipstick. 

In the evening you will be amazed that you need to remove all of it, with an oily make-up remover, same as for the eyeliner, or...coconut oil!

MAC LiquidLast Eyeliner

Keyword: IT STAYS! 

You think there's no real waterproof eyeliner which can be intense and also stay more than a few hours? I thought the same and tried so many...until I found the Liquidlast from MAC. 

The eyeliner that really lasts in extreme conditions - in a sauna, in tropical heat or tropical rain, in salted ocean or pool water, from the morning until the next day. Without having to worry that it faded, or that it smudged, you don't have to reapply it, just enjoy the day knowing that your perfect line looks exactly as you saw it in the morning when you applied it. 

Comes in many shades too!

The removing part will be a bit tricky - you need an oil based make up remove.

In case you wonder, No, the other ones from Mac don't work...

Chilly Bottles

Keyword: Reusable and fresh 

You don't know how nice it is to have your drink as cold or as warm as you left it a few sips ago, or even after a whole day, until you have your Chilly. After you know... any cup or any other recipient used, won't be as good. For example in the morning when all you want is a sip of water but don't want to get up for it, you reach to your bedside, and drink from your Chilly bottle and it is exactly as you poured it. No, it's not like the water you put in a cup and gets the taste of old... :) 

Series 2 is here and design wise, they crushed it. Good luck with choosing.

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