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You never believed in prince charming, but you did have a nice relationship that proves you wrong.

You do hop on the next plane when you find a crazy deal and your career is important to you as well, right?

Did ghosting make you lose all hope about finding someone compatible and prefer to isolate yourself from suffering? How much rejection is too much? Can you still fall for a nice gesture and think this time will be different?

It's not easy nowadays to date. Especially during #covid19


But it's not only dating, it's more on relationships, any kind of … friendships or any other social equation that involves more than YOU.
Scared of even calling them relationships?

No worries, we'll keep it casual, you can stalk this page as much as you want.

Romantic Vouchers

on friendships too...


those who want to become better, 

who ask questions to find answers,

who develop as a person and as a friend/partner and want to be happy while making others happy.

those who avoid growing up, who are afraid of choices, who don't talk about feelings, who GHOST, don't care much, and always end up unhappy.


 types of people,

no matter the gender:

I believe relationships are either

meant to be or not

I believe relationships take

patience and work.

“We are animals designed to seek pleasure and avoid pain”

Blame it on animalistic traits or pure human behaviour, most of us are both types during our lifetime. Some espresso sippers might turn us into cappuccino lovers, but some intolerances developed in time might make us give up the milk, or add one more shot. Most of the time is about having our coffee at the same time, in the same coffee shop. 

Synchronizing is the challenge. 


These types of people tend to mix together all the time, and they experience being single differently, continuously trying to compare themselves by gender and end up mating in tumultuous relationships

And there are voices in our heads or all around us that insist on bending realities like...

Three Lolly Pops

Cliches you know, but still fall for the bullsh*t

“Stop chasing him, he'll lose interest. But if you play him too much he'll think you're a crazy bitch, so he'll totally avoid you.” 


Multimale-multifemale mating systems” typical of our closest primate relations: chimps and bonobos. 

“Mating is rarely indiscriminate in multimale-multifemale primate groups. A variety of factors, including kinship ties, social rank, sexual attractiveness and individual sexual preferences might influence mate choice in both sexes. It is, therefore, incorrect to label such mating systems as promiscuous.”

Busy is a decision

Life and love is about growing as individuals — investing in our own development and supporting each other.

It’s building something, both separately and together.

It’s learning, reading, challenging ourselves and each other. It’s being present — in our own life and, to the extent that it works, in theirs too.

It’s living.

Mark Manson

A toxic relationship is when two people are emotionally dependent on each other—that is, they use each other for the approval and respect they are unable to give themselves.

Toxic relationships need drama to survive. Toxic relationships are addictive because drama is addictive.

A healthy relationship is when two people are emotionally interdependent with each other—that is, they approve of and respect each other because they approve of and respect themselves.

The average 25 y old has 20 close friends,

but by 40 this number will shrink to 8.

We also don’t acquire hobbies after we hit 30s,

which makes it more difficult to meet new people.

Having strong social relationships has the equivalent effect on your life satisfaction as increasing your income by 150%