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Maybe you should talk to someone

Lori Gottlieb 2019

maybe you should talk to someone lori go

Going to therapy is somehow still a taboo, but at least we started doing it. And no, this is not another self help book and it's not telling you to do it. It contains stories, real ones, so real that you laugh and cry while reading them.You basically live the author's story too, without cleaning herself up, raw and vulnerable. She used to study to become a doctor, while working on movie sets. All along she kept her writing passion and becoming a therapist seems to be the perfect recipe to marry these careers. Going through a bad break-up made her start going to a therapist. You, as the reader are the double winner, you get her feelings analysed by her and her theparist and she walks you through the stories of her patients as she evolves in understanding her choices better. Just make sure to have some time starting it, I promise it will be the one you want to finish, but also want to hang on to it. It's ok, you can recommend it further and pass on the joy.

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Lori Gottlieb, a psychotherapist,  The Atlantic's weekly “Dear Therapist” advice columnist, writes for The New York Times Magazine, and appears as a frequent expert on relationships, parenting, and hot-button mental health topics in media such as The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, CNN, and NPR.

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"Therapy helps confront our demons when they pay a visit. And visit they will, because everyone has demons - big, small, old, new, quiet, loud, whatever. These shared demons are testament to the fact that we aren’t such outliers after all. And it’s with this discovery that we can create a different relationship with our demons, one in which we no longer try to reason our way out of an inconvenient inner voice or numb our feelings with distractions like too much wine or food or hours spent surfing the internet (an activity my colleague calls “the most effective shot-term nonprescription painkiller)."

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