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When you backpack you realize you don’t need much. You end up hating to carry even the few things you carefully chose to roll tightly in your bag. Keep travelling, moving around and you learn to detach from things, sometimes from people too, and hopefully most of the time also from the situations you want to escape. But a lot of attachment, love and passion still remains there in your soul, because all that you leave behind is still part of you, of what makes you YOU. So, by definition we are all hoarders.  

In our digital life we’re even bigger hoarders! All those photos, videos from festivals we never replay (ok, maybe Covid made us go through some) and those endless bookmarks or notes? You see where I’m going. 


saving lots of things regardless of their value. 

I decided to carefully curate on this page what we hoard during our digital surfing, what could be great to find out about, what’s nice to be reminded of, what’s useful to buy or keep, or pure eye candy stuff that makes you feel good while scrolling around.

It’s also the place where you’ll find us hoarding our thoughts and feelings, what made us write them down, so that we don’t forget. You’re not alone with what you’re going through.

select, organize, present typically using expert knowledge


curated goodies

eye candy

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