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You left home for professional reasons?

  • to learn more and challenge yourself

  • to prove yourself to yourself or to others (that don't matter, but thanks for the kick)

  • to make a change or to start all over

  • for a better opportunity/salary?

We know, it wasn't an easy choice to make. And that was just the first step that opened a pandora box...


Then the pandemics hit and in 2020 #futureofwork became the present and #remotework turned into #workfromhome.

Lost your job? No worries, we did too!

And HR judges it as job hopping...?!

Laying on a Chair



Freelancers vs corporates

"How could you travel so much and work while travelling?" -

everyone I ever talk to.

"I also want to be a digital nomad" says every corporate person that scrolls on Instagram and sighs from her desk.

While freelancers who roam the world sometimes hear themselves saying that it would be so much easier and safer to have one employer with a fixed salary every month.

There are different lifestyles and different life expectations that...guess what, also change in time mostly because we are somehow configured to be unhappy humans, always wanting what we don’t have.

There is a winning recipe based on the motto of only regret what you haven't done - in order to know it, you have to try it. 

20 vs 30s

Did you waste your 20s in a corporate job? Or you feel now like you should have stuck with boring jobs, add years on your CV instead of experience?

In your 30s nothing feels completely right career wise, especially if you’re up for a change. But what can you do since you can't go back in time?

Did Corona help you become a future digital nomad?

The choices in your 20s:

I like my work or

I work to live?

Hiring expats or freelancers

What recruiters miss when not hiring an expat or a freelancer* besides gathering a pile of other biases …  is the cultural background. And this* applies unfortunately to anyone not fitting a linear pattern.

A freelancer in a corporation? A corporate in a start-up?!

While diversity and inclusivity is paraded the way sustainability or the good old CSR once was under the spotlight, when hiring recruiters dismiss CVs and forget to ask:

Did the person have corporations around or were they the best choice to learn and develop? The fact that the person was volunteering, getting projects done in a row, changing bosses and adapting to new roles and countries might be way more valuable to any corporation.

All that is not inconsistency, is proven psychological theory on getting out of the comfort zone, on generalists, on multipotentialites, on high-achivers.

But guess what, the risk is too high to actually consider adding 

diversity into the internal company culture. 




#design thinking

#change management

#risk aversion

#future of work




The Paradox of Choice

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The Rocket Years

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The big question, then, is how do you figure out what your dream job is?"

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Career change

Quitting, starting all over, changing companies. All of these change you. Don't forget to ask yourself some questions along the way, to get to know yourself better. 

Get a coach, but be careful!

Everybody turns into a coach nowadays, find a good one, who didn't become one because everything else was taken. 

Black Sheep

test  your strenghts 

a head full of

fears has no

space for dreams




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