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Are you embracing What Ifs?

I became such good friends with choices that I started embracing changes like catching trains. I started looking for ways to make more and more choices, and then decide to only keep the good ones. I'm not finished, not when it comes to living life. Living life is about embracing it, it's about the “what ifs”.

Then I realized that others are not as familiar with what's behind what ifs, not comfortable having options.

People repress curiosity the way they repress feelings.

We punish ourselves for behaviours that others judge, although they come naturally.

We stop ourselves so many times that it becomes a reflex, and we end up doing it even when we are not supposed to.

My favourite book and others that quote it confirmed:

people are more afraid of change than willing to experience happiness.

I kept rereading this and I try to understand how is this possible. Happiness comes from experiencing life, making choices, not just dreaming and staying curious. Even if those things go away you still have the memory.

Memories are more powerful than dreams.

With so much fear of failing how could we have courage to actually live?! When I find curious people I prefer to push them over the edge of their own lies, and see how they run away from situations. This way I leave a door open to be surprised too, maybe someone falls into some happiness after all.

But… None of us just fall. We have to jump.


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