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Teenage thirties

Ever thought about how similar the thirties are to the long-lost teenage years?

The changes to your body, mixed with changes you seek for yourself, like starting life all over.

Trying to fit in and adapt constantly to newness, figuring out things you thought you knew and failing. You realize there's more out there to fear once you lose those who used to protect you.

The monsters do get out of the closets when the darkness takes over, and you can burst into big tears when things don't go your way.

There are people who don't like you, not in classrooms but in bigger meeting rooms, and you won't get rid of them in a few years when you graduate, you just have to keep fitting in and fake it, till it doesn't even bother you anymore.

There are bands you don't know, and there are even more social apps you don't have downloaded on your phone.

The guys you get a crash for are not with the popular girl anymore, they most probably are gay, divorced, or as immature as they were back in high school.

It sure feels like we're 17 again and there's a freaky world out there, even if we're 30 and figured out a lot until now.

It just never ends, especially if we keep seeking #changes.

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